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Arnavutkoy is the largest district of Istanbul on the Black Sea

Arnaout Koi


Located Arnavutkoy district on the European side of IstanbulSurrounded by a lot of lively areas, it is a little far from the city center and its hustle and bustle, it is closer to the rural atmosphere, but that does not mean that there are no luxury properties in the area.

whereas region Arnavutköy There is a lot of luxury real estate, spacious apartments, andResidential complexes Conforming to international specifications, in addition to the presence of villa complexes, and suitable lands for investment and agriculture.

The attention of local and foreign investors is currently directed to the region due to the presence of the most important modern infrastructure in Turkey in close proximity to it. From Istanbul New Airport, And from Yavuz Selim Bridge, as Istanbul Water Canal The new ones will pass, and this will give it an investment character, and will lead to a significant increase in real estate prices, which will bring huge profits to the investors.

So I gave it Turkish government Great care, and started the construction of giant projects in the region, and there is a project to open a new metro line that will be ready by 2024 and will facilitate access to all Istanbul districts, and shortens the time.

The area also overlooks 3 wonderful lakes in Istanbul, and they are Kucukcekmece Lake, Lake Dresu, Lake Buyukcekmece This gives it a tourist character.

  • Information about Arnavutkoy district in Istanbul
  • Where is Arnavutkoy located?
  • Arnavutkoy weather
  • Tourist and natural places in Arnavutkoy
  • Educational services in Arnavutkoy
  • Health services in Arnavutkoy
  • Features of living in the Arnavutkoy area
  • Investing in Arnavutkoy

If you are interested in Buying a property in Turkey, especially Apartments for sale in Istanbul And want to buy Apartments in ArnavutkoyYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will share with you all the detailed information about it.

Information about Arnavutkoy district in Istanbul

Is characterized by region Arnavutköy With its quiet rural character, it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, but this does not mean that there are no luxury properties in it, as the properties in it vary between luxury properties, andArnavutkoy VillasOrdinary real estate.

The area is also distinguished by its large area of 453 km, with a population of 250 thousand people, and there are 7 sections and 38 neighborhoods.

Arnaout Koi


 Where is Arnavutkoy located?

The area is located on the European side of Istanbul cityIt is surrounded by some vital areas, as it is bordered on the north by the Black Sea. And Kucukcekmece Lake, bounded on the south side Buyukcekmece regionAs for the eastern side, it is bordered by Sultan Eyup area, and from the southeast bounded by Basaksehir area, And Esenyurt area, bounded on the western side Çatalca region.

The area also features a stunning view from the eastern side of Lake Drisu, and a charming view of Lake Buyukcekmece on the northeastern side.


 Arnavutkoy weather

The region's weather is characterized by moderation due to its proximity to black seaTherefore, it is one of the most desirable areas for housing and residence.

Its winter is cold, accompanied by heavy rain and snow, while its summer is mild and accompanied by some monsoon winds, which makes the area suitable for summer, and this encourages foreign and local investors to Buying villas in Arnavutkoy, And theLands in Arnavutkoy for the safari.


Tourist and natural places in Arnavutkoy

Tourist places in the region vary due to the diversity of the ancient civilizations that followed them through the ages, where there are many churches, synagogues and mosques, and one of the most famous of them is Tachulok Mosque, or as it is known as Green Mosque in ArnavutköyIt is distinguished by its six minarets, and its wonderful geometric design.

The area also includes 40 large-sized parks, the most famous of which are: Valley Garden.

In addition to many malls and shopping centers, the most famous of which is Avlu34 Mall.


Educational services in Arnavutkoy

The region is rich in Turkish government schools for all levels of education and age groups, as the number of schools, according to the latest statistics issued in 2020 by the Nafuha Department, is 90 public schools, in addition to the presence of cultural centers and educational institutes.

Arnaout Koi


Health services in Arnavutkoy

The region is characterized by the presence of government and private hospitals equipped with the best advanced medical devices, and with distinguished medical cadres, among the most famous of them Arnavutköy State Hospital.


 Features of living in the Arnavutkoy area

There are many advantages that make the area suitable for housing, including:

  • Its real estate prices are cheap compared to the rest Istanbul districts.
  • The area is characterized by its modernity, and its residential complexes conform to international standards and European specifications.
  • Close to New Istanbul AirportThis gives it an investment character.
  • The area has tourism potential, as it is located on Black Sea Coast, and has a view of Kucukcekmece Lake And theSea of Marmara.
  • Its mild climate encourages residency.
  • There are many industrial facilities, and therefore it is considered a suitable housing opportunity for job seekers, in order to reside near their work center.
  • tall Arnavutkoy Beach 22 km, on the Black Sea, and therefore contains restaurants, cafes and luxury tourist hotels.
  • The opening of a futuristic metro station in it, which is scheduled to open in 2024, as it will shorten distances, and it will be possible to reach Besiktas region Within 30 minutes.
  • passage New Istanbul Canal From Arnavutköy Which makes it suitable for investment, and will bring investors huge profits.


 Investing in Arnavutkoy

It is considered Investing in Arnavutkoy District One of the most successful investments in Istanbul for many factors, including

  • The region is witnessing a wide urban renaissance, and residential complexes and apartments are being built with high-end specifications
  • The region is considered an incubator for the most important giant modern infrastructure in Turkey, and they are a project New Istanbul Water Canal, And theNew Istanbul Airport Classified as the third largest airport in the world, and the third Istanbul Bridge, or as it is called Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge
  • The region is witnessing a significant increase in prices, which makes it suitable for achieving high returns on profits.
  • focus Turkish government Its recent interests are to provide the region with giant luxury projects, to encourage real estate investments in it.




  How far is Arnavutkoy Istanbul from Taksim?

away area Arnavutköy About dividing a distance of 61.6 km, which is equivalent to approximately 55 minutes using the car.


 How far is Arnavutkoy from Istanbul New Airport?

away area Arnavutköy From Istanbul's new airport, it is 23.6 km away, which is equivalent to approximately 21 minutes by car.


 How far is Arnavutkoy from Al-Fateh?

away area Arnavutköy From Al-Fateh, a distance of 62.7 km, which is equivalent to approximately 54 minutes by car.


 What is the postal code for Arnavutkoy Istanbul?

There are many zip codes for the region, according to its department, which are:

  • Arnavutköy department, postal code 34275
  • Baklalı Department, postal code 34277
  • Boğazköy department, postal code 34285
  • Bolluca Department ZIP Code 34287
  • Hadımköy Postal Code 34555
  • Haraçı Department, Postal Code: 34281
  • Taşoluk Postal Code: 34283




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