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Advantages and disadvantages of Turkey 2022

lands of Turkey

is considered a purchase lands of Turkey It is one of the most successful investments, which returns to the investor very high returns of profits, especially in the long term.

And whether the local or foreign investor wants Buying land in Turkey in order to stay Residential complexes Huge, real estate investment in it, high gain from sale Apartments in Turkey, or from the monthly returns of the complexes, or he wanted agricultural investment In Turkey, trading in agricultural crops, especially for European countries, or building a villa with its own engineering and housing in it, all of this is available here, and it can be exploited and benefited from its profits.

But before proceeding to buy lands of TurkeyThe investor, especially the foreigner, should know everything related to Buying land in Turkey In order to ensure the success of his investment, especially if he intends to invest in lands of Turkey In order to get Turkish Nationality.

If you are interested to know all the details about lands of Turkey, especially lands of istanbulYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will share with you all the detailed information about it.


 Turkey's Land Types

Variety land in TurkeyEach of them has its own investment advantage, and the title deed (title deed) has its own.

divided lands of Turkey into three types:

* Agricultural lands, and it is considered one of the best types of lands around the world suitable for the cultivation of all types of crops. Turkey's climate contributed to the formation of fertile soil suitable for agriculture, and this type of lands of Turkey It is intended only for agricultural investment, and it is not allowed to build on it for more than 15% of the land area, and this percentage may also be absent in some states.

  •  Residential lands, where the soil is hard, suitable for real estate development and construction of residential projects, and always when purchasing suitable lands for Real estate investment in Turkeyand obtaining the Tapu (title deed), this title deed shall be registered on it as the percentage of the area allowed for construction by the municipality, and even the type of that building shall be recorded on it.
  •  Industrial and investment lands, where the Turkish government allows the construction of factories and industrial facilities, and works to encourage foreign investors to buy industrial lands in order to increase the strength of the economy in Turkey. It offers investors in industrial lands several advantages, namely:
  •  Exempting the industrial land investor from real estate tax for a period of five years.
  • The investor is exempted from the value added tax (KDV).
  • Reducing investor bills of water, electricity, gas and internet.
  • Exemption from municipal taxes in the area where the industrial land is located
  • Exemption from construction tax and industrial facility usage tax

lands of Turkey

 Tips to help you buy land in Turkey

In order for the investor to achieve high profits by investing in lands of Turkey, he must determine his goal first, then start searching for a suitable land for his goal, and to ensure the effectiveness of that land for investment, he must know several things and instructions before buying it, which are:

  1.  Knowing the price per square meter in the land area
  2. Determine the required land area
  3. Strategic study of the location of the land
  4. Knowing the mechanism of access to the land, is it by dirt or by road paved with asphalt?
  5. Comprehensive knowledge of water and electricity if it is provided from the municipality to the selected land, or not.
  6. Knowing if the land is fenced or not, and fenced it in if it is not, when buying it, as this ensures its protection.
  7. Find out if the land is surrounded by trees, or is it barren and empty.
  8. Knowing the divisibility of the land, or is it several contiguous lands
  9. Find out if the land is suitable in order to get Turkish citizenship.
  10.  Knowing the soil of the land if it is fertile and allows for the cultivation of fruit trees, then it is the case that the investor wants to buy land for Agricultural investment in Turkey.
  11. Find out if there is a water well and a pump for the ground.
  12. Knowing the service places close to the land, such as shopping centers, schools, and mosques.
  13. Identifying the view of the land, whether it has a sea view, a lake view, or other lands.
  14. Knowing the area in which the land is located, if it is suitable for making investments in it, especially real estate investment, or only if it is suitable for agricultural investment.
  15. Knowing the infrastructure near the ground, or the equipment under construction, this will contribute to raising its value.

lands of Turkey

 Turkey lands are cheap

The availability of cheap land in Turkey, especially Cheap land in Istanbul, does not mean only its services, or its location.

Often there Turkey lands are cheap In remote areas or the outskirts of major cities, where the land there is cheap when compared to the heart of the city, and brings good returns for investors.

Recently, the demand for these lands has increased for agricultural investmentOr keeping the land for a while and then reselling it, especially after real estate investment witnessed a great renaissance in the suburbs of cities.


 Advantages of investing in Turkey

There are many advantages that attracted local and foreign investors to invest in lands of Turkey, Such as:

  •  Investing in agricultural land is one of the safest investments
  • return from Agricultural investment in Turkey High, compared to other investments, and it is a long-term return.
  • The price of the land does not decrease with the progression of time, as is the case with the apartments. Rather, its price increases with the progression of time.
  • high prices lands of Turkey Especially around urban areas due to the high demand for housing on the outskirts of large cities, given their cheap prices.


 Disadvantages of investing in Turkey

  •  Not everyone can invest in lands of TurkeyThe investor must understand and be familiar with all the laws prevailing in the state in which he wants to buy land.
  • The investor must check with the municipality to find out the area of land that he is allowed to purchase.


lands of Turkey

 Why buy land in Turkey?

Because the number of lands is slowly decreasing, as a result of the increasing demand for them in order to Real Estate Investment And other investments, which gives the investor more profits, especially in the long run.


 Is investing in Turkey profitable?

Yes, that investment in lands of Turkey Profitable, capital can double in just a few years, and investment returns in lands of Turkey Always higher and better returns on purchase Apartment in Turkey, because there is a large offer in order to buy Turkey real estate.


 Is it allowed to build on agricultural land for real estate investment?

No, according to Turkish laws it cannot be used lands of Turkey Agricultural land for the construction of housing complexes, except after converting the land from agricultural to suitable for real estate development, in which case real estate construction is permitted in only part of it.


 Are foreigners allowed to buy Turkish land?

Yes, foreign nationals who are allowed to own property in Turkey are allowed to buy land, whether for housing or for investment.


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