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Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

طرق الحصول على الجنسية التركية

In light of the comprehensive renaissance that Turkey is witnessing, citizens of many countries in the region aspire to obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy its advantages

In the following article, we review the official approved methods for obtaining it, leading to the fastest and safest way in this field


Turkey presents a model of stability and development along with its historical and civilizational heritage; Which made it embrace nationalities from different countries of the world

Through many facilities for those who wish to settle there, and take advantage of the advantages of the Turkish passport


The progress that the country witnessed at all levels contributed to attracting those seeking stability, especially from the Arab region and the Middle East

The Turkish authorities dealt positively with the aspirations to grant the Turkish passport to those who deserve it and meet certain criteria


The state applies the laws related to the methods of obtaining a Turkish passport to all foreigners, and they are specified in ways that we will mention

Recently, privileges related to economic investment, especially in the field of real estate, have been added to it


And in answer to the question of some, how do I obtain Turkish citizenship? The authorities have identified clear ways to obtain citizenship

This is according to specific criteria that must be observed, and they are summarized in the following four ways:


THE FIRST METHOD: residence in Turkey for a period of five continuous years with a work permit


THE SECOND METHOD: exceptional Turkish citizenship, which is granted in very special cases, and often includes university degree holders in the first place


THE THIRD METHOD: real estate investment in an amount of no less than 250 thousand dollars and for a period of at least three years


FOURTH METHOD: applying for citizenship after three years of marriage to a Turkish citizen or a Turkish citizen In this case, the following conditions must be met


  • Proving the integrity of the intention, that the marriage is based on sound foundations, and the aim is to form a family, and not based on mere interest

The absence of any work proves otherwise

  • That the foreign husband or wife not pose a threat to Turkish national security and public security

The Turkish government sets a prerequisite in addition to the above, which is that applicants for citizenship are not bound

Any organizations classified as terrorist in Turkey undermine the security, sovereignty, independence and unity of the country



In answer to a frequently asked question about how to obtain Turkish citizenship, the matter is subject to legal requirements. If the applicant meets the legal requirements, his chances of obtaining Turkish citizenship will be high


Turkey is now one of the very few stable countries in the region

There are those who desire its nationality, and they are often businessmen and investors


Turkey is not an easy country for Arabs with limited or low income, and moving to it is not easy for them


That Turkey is like other countries that set conditions for obtaining citizenship and then benefiting from the advantages of Turkish citizenship

It also needs to attract expertise and competencies that it does not have and wants to maintain population growth to support economic growth in the long term



The recent amendments that were approved about two months ago contributed to accelerating the pace of foreign investors, especially Arabs, to own property in Turkey

For the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship, investors have already begun to obtain citizenship after completing transactions in record speed


Including Jordanian, Yemeni, Libyan and Iraqi

She recently obtained her citizenship after purchasing real estate worth $250,000, mortgaging it for a period of three years, and completing their transactions with all security and other stages



The subjective factors and circumstances related to each person must play a decisive role in choosing the most appropriate method among the mentioned methods.

To obtain Turkish citizenship if he so desires


However, after reviewing the legal ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, it appears that real estate investment in Turkey

It is the fastest and surest way in this regard


Where the waiting period after completing the official papers does not exceed 45 to a maximum of 90 days!


In addition to the benefits of Turkish citizenship, we do not forget the investment aspect of the expected economic feasibility of the investment process

The process that begins as a real estate investment and may not end with obtaining Turkish citizenship only!

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