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VIP project with distinctive views in Beykoz

Turkey, Asian Istanbul, Istanbul, becuase

السعر يبدأ من :

  • ₺6,733,000


The project is located in the Beykoz area in the Asian side of Istanbul, where the project designs were built differently to highlight the beauty of the nature around it, so in the complex you can see the other version of your beloved social facilities inside the glass instead of the stone walls to enjoy the magic of nature around you.

The complex contains 8 buildings, including 163 apartments with large balconies and large terraces of patterns starting from 1 + 2 to 1 + 5.

Why the project

The complex has forest walking paths, fitness room, children’s gardens, swimming pools and a lot of social facilities.

It is a real opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship in only 90 days .

The project is a real real estate investment opportunity because it is located in the best areas and important locations in Istanbul.

The project is located in the middle of the forest and close to the city center at the same time, and this gives it great investment importance, as it is the focus of attention for lovers of recreation and the people who prefer calm and comfort from the noise and crowding, and it is only a few minutes away from the commercial and industrial centers of the city such as the areas of Maslak and Levent and the three most important bridges in Istanbul.

Information about the area

Beykoz is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and in the northern part of it overlooking the Bosphorus, and it is considered one of the first inhabited areas of the city.

Beykoz has a wonderful natural beauty, as it has the second largest forest in Istanbul (Beykoz Forest), which takes a large area in addition to the rivers, streams and small lakes that it enjoys, which made it a place for the city’s residents to escape from its hustle and bustle, and even depicted the first seasons of the famous series “Resurrection.” Ertugrul”.

There are many tourist places in Beykoz, such as the Polish village, which simulate the Polish lifestyle with its details and animals, in addition to the availability of cafes and restaurants that support the strong tourist movement in the region.

Like other areas of Istanbul, government support for the Beykoz region is increasing, from developing metro plans, taking care of development projects and tourism.


نوع العقار

  • Property Type Apartments, Apartments within a residential complex, Residential apartments

تاريخ التسليم

  • تاريخ التسليم Ready

كود المشروع :

  • Property ID HG-404

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  • يبعد عن مركز المدينة 25 KM


  • يبعد عن المطار 40 KM


  • يبعد عن البحر 25 KM

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  • يبعد عن المركز التجاري 20 KM


  • يبعد عن الجامعة 17 KM


  • يبعد عن المستشفى 2 KM

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  • الدولة Turkey
  • الولاية Asian Istanbul, Istanbul
  • المنطقة becuase
  • الرمز البريدي / Zip

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