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Distinctive villa with private garden in Bahcesehir

 Turkey, Istanbul, European Istanbul, Bahcesehir

Price starts from:

  • ₺4,300,000

the description

فيلا ضمن مشروع تقع في منطقة بهشة شهير مع حديقة خاصة بمساحة 250 متر مربع.


  • تبلغ مساحة الفيلا 400 متر مربع تتألف من 4 طوابق
  • 9 غرف وصالتين
  • 4 حمامات
  • 24/7 security
  • The villa is perfectly suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship


Information about the area

تعد منطقة بهشة شهير من أرقى المناطق في اسطنبول حيث يقع جنوب منطقة بهشة شهير خط الاوتستراد السريع تيم TEM وهو أحد أهم خطوط النقل السريع في اسطنبول وتعتبرايضاً مخدمة بكامل طرق المواصلات التي تضمن لكم سرعة الوصول إلى وجهتكم

Bahcesehir district includes many luxury residential complexes equipped with the highest comfort and security facilities, in addition to social and health facilities, and many stores such as shops, offices and commercial complexes. Basaksehir With great interest from investors in the real estate sector, as it has turned in recent years into an important center for attracting real estate investors. The region is also witnessing a rise in real estate prices, especially the areas near the lake. Observers expect real estate prices to rise by large rates, up to about 50 percent, after the completion of the metro line project, which It will connect the district with important central areas of the city.

the details

property type

  • Property Type Triplex Villas

delivery date

  • delivery date Ready

Project code:

  • Property ID Villa021

Away from

City center

  • Far from the city center 38 KM

the airport

  • Far from the airport 38 KM

the beach

  • away from the sea 8 KM

Shopping center

  • Far from the mall 3 KM

the University

  • away from the university 6 KM

the hospital

  • away from the hospital 1 KM

Available apartments


  • The state  Turkey
  • the state  Istanbul, European Istanbul
  • Region Bahcesehir
  • Zip Code / Zip

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