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حكيم العقارية | خبير العقار في تركيا





حكيم العقارية | خبير العقار في تركيا





خدمة عقارية

مفتوح من 10 ص - 9 م



Turkey, european istanbul, Istanbul, Avcilar

السعر يبدأ من :

  • ₺1,200,000


The ready-to-delivery residential project, which is a strong opportunity for real estate investment in Avcilar neighborhood, which is a central and vital point in Istanbul, as it is located near the most important areas such as the Marmara Sea and the lake, and it has the most complex and vital transportation networks, the most important of which is the central metrobus station, and the Avcilar area includes the two most important universities in Istanbul Other than that, the nature of the area is classic.

The project was built on an area of 20,000 square meters in two phases with 4 buildings and a total of 182 luxury hotel apartments for each phase with the latest, most secure and advanced finishes, such as the electronic smart system that enables you to control your apartment from your cell phone.


The project is family-oriented and elegant and is characterized by a small number of apartments in relation to the area, and this is what the existing company has adopted to be the most calm and privacy complex.

The project is close to public transportation, the most important of which is the metrobus, which raised the investment profile of the property.

The project’s proximity to the most important Turkish universities such as Istanbul Great University, which is one of the largest universities of the Turkish state, which gave the project a great real estate value.

The project is an investment opportunity for those who are looking for a financial profit and a financial return in exchange for rent, as the area is desirable by everyone.

The project falls within the framework of obtaining Turkish citizenship and real estate residence for you and your family. Hakeem Real Estate guarantees that you meet all the necessary conditions for purchasing and receiving the title deed on the same day.

The proximity of the project to dozens of shops, local markets, huge malls, restaurants and cafes, makes you close to everything.


Avcilar is one of the most prestigious areas with its streets alleys and the high level of luxury represented by many famous restaurants and cafes in the famous “Avcilar Markaz” Street. Avcilar is called the small Taksim due to its vitality and the large number of tourists coming to it due to the beauty of the area and its proximity to the coast on the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake.

Avcilar is considered one of the most high-investment areas due to its proximity to many huge government projects, such as the Istanbul Canal project and the Metrobus line. From a scientific point of view, it is the focus of many families and international and non-expatriate students due to its proximity to Istanbul State University and Gileshem Private University, so you find many students looking for housing Close to the university.

In terms of tourism, Avcilar is one of the areas most visited by expatriates due to the beauty of the region, its location on the coast and its fame for its beautiful cafes and modern and classic Turkish style


نوع العقار

  • Property Type Apartments within a residential complex, Residential apartments

تاريخ التسليم

  • تاريخ التسليم Ready

كود المشروع :

  • Property ID HG-040

يبعد عن

مركز المدينة

  • يبعد عن مركز المدينة 25KM


  • يبعد عن المطار 29KM


  • يبعد عن البحر 100M

مركز تجاري

  • يبعد عن المركز التجاري 1KM


  • يبعد عن الجامعة 1KM


  • يبعد عن المستشفى 1KM

الشقق المتوفرة

دفعة اولى 50% تقسيط لمدة 12شهر

دفعة اولى 50% تقسيط لمدة 12شهر


  • الدولة Turkey
  • الولاية european istanbul, Istanbul
  • المنطقة Avcilar
  • الرمز البريدي / Zip

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