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خدمة عقارية

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Luxurious and distinctive project in Umraniye


السعر يبدأ من :

  • ₺2,075,000


The project is located in the Umraniye area on the Asian side of Istanbul, where the urban growth is rising. Our current project was built on a huge area of ​​​​75 thousand square meters, consisting of 11 blocks with amazing designs and heights ranging from 16 to 29 floors, including 1672 apartments with styles starting from 1 +1 to 4+1, with integrated kitchen equipment in addition to home air-conditioning, with high-quality cladding and wonderful views of the sea on the upper floors, and on the forest and the city through large balconies, and includes 38 shops.

Why the project

The project enjoys many recreational advantages, including indoor and outdoor, from indoor and outdoor swimming pools, passing through the Turkish bath with its Ottoman image, followed by the distinctive wooden sauna room, in addition to children’s playgrounds, football and basketball courts, and the gym with its technical equipment, all the way to the restaurant and cafes, as well as the spacious garden with its tables and water bodies in the middle of the sessions Charming family.

It is a real opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship in only 90 days .

The project is a real real estate investment opportunity because it is located in the best areas and important locations in Istanbul

Information about the area

Umraniye has a vital location in Istanbul in its Asian section, as it is located near the Bosphorus Strait and mediates the Sultan Mehmet Al-Fateh and Sultan Selim I bridges, in addition to its inclusion of wide green spaces and its intersection with the main road lines in the city, especially the E-80 International Road, all of these advantages It has attracted many investments through the launch of residential and commercial real estate projects, especially in recent years.

Umraniye is one of the areas that has attracted real estate investors to it strongly, especially in recent years, as it has proven to be the fastest growing and urbanized area of ​​Istanbul, in addition to being one of the central areas in Istanbul. Because of its proximity to the Istanbul International Financial Center, and its proximity to the Uskudar metro line, which would greatly raise the investment value of its properties.

Umraniye has a central location in Istanbul; Due to its proximity to the most important land transportation routes that form the backbone of life in the city of the two continents, the TEM road passes near many parts of the region, and this road is one of the main lifelines in Istanbul.

Also located in the north is the road leading to Sile, one of the most important tourist attractions in the vicinity of Istanbul, and the metro line that connects Uskudar to Sancaktepe passes through it.

In addition, Umraniye is characterized by ease of transportation due to the abundance of transportation means in it, from stations and land, sea and air transportation, and it also includes buses for the lines of the Directorate of Public Transport in Istanbul, to cover all its areas.


نوع العقار

  • Property Type Apartments, Apartments within a residential complex, Residential apartments

تاريخ التسليم

  • تاريخ التسليم Ready

كود المشروع :

  • Property ID HG-192

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  • يبعد عن مركز المدينة 40 KM


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  • يبعد عن البحر 4 KM

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  • يبعد عن المركز التجاري 6 KM


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  • يبعد عن المستشفى 2 KM

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  • الدولة Turkey
  • الولاية Asian Istanbul, Istanbul
  • المنطقة Urban
  • الرمز البريدي / Zip

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