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A distinctive investment project in Basin Express

 Istanbul, European Istanbul, Basin Express

Price starts from:

  • ₺655,000

the description

The HG-048 project is one of the best investment projects, which is one of the most important investment opportunities, as it is located on the E5 highway that connects Istanbul, the Asian and the European, and near the most famous central areas for real estate investment, which is Basin Express, the main center of Istanbul for the largest international companies, real estate and brands. The project consists of three buildings with 400 apartments in all modern and hotel models, one of them will be a huge hospital, the second will be residential apartments, and the third will be an Adliya.

The beautiful engineering designs of the project gave it its special splendor, in addition to the advanced construction, so the project was created with a smart system that allows you to control the house, ports and exits from afar via the phone.

Why the project

It is located in the best areas of the investment nature of Basin Express, which is the most important vital center that is characterized by the presence of most of the huge companies and international brands in it due to its centrality in Istanbul and its proximity to the most important city centers and on the E5 highway linking Asian Istanbul with Europe, in addition to the Turkish Adliya, which gave the project a great real estate value.

The project falls within the conditions of Turkish citizenship and the ready-made title deed through our company Hakeem Real Estate, which pledges that you will obtain the best property in a safe manner, and it is guaranteed by the Turkish government, which has supported the region and the project in an unprecedented way.

The proximity of the project to the basic services gave the project a great investment value. The project is the closest to the new Istanbul airport, the main exhibition center and the largest and private trade center in Turkey, which is the city's financial and commercial artery.

The project is located on the most important major transportation networks, which are the main streets of Istanbul, which connects all the city’s neighborhoods together, and its proximity to the metro station through which it reaches all neighborhoods in limited minutes, in addition to its view of the water taxi, which gave a great value to the property.

The project is close to all state institutions, cultural centers and major hospitals, and close to the most important Istanbul universities and dozens of public and private schools.

Information about the area

Basin Express The first address and the new center for real estate investment in Istanbul, which is today one of the most important investment centers after the Maslak Center as soon as most of the international brands and real estate companies moved due to the outrageous high prices in it.

International and real estate companies chose Basin Express to be their center and launch, after it became the most beautiful and most developed, architectural, services and mediation in Istanbul.

Basin Express is located in the European section of Istanbul and was called by this name because it surrounds the most important axis of the city. European and Asian, and in limited minutes, which made it a home for luxury real estate of all kinds. Basin Express follows the Bağcılar municipality, which is bordered to the south by the Sea of Marmara, Ataturk Airport and to the north Basaksehir And the new third airport, and from the west, it is bordered by Beylikdüzü and Avcilar.

Basin Express was famous for its proximity to the largest malls, such as Mall of Istanbul, Mall 212, and the largest gold malls in the city.

The importance of Basin Express increased after the opening of the new metro station and its direct proximity to it, which gave it great real estate and investment importance, so it became the most important investment opportunity in Istanbul and also located on the main metrobus line that connects all Istanbul neighborhoods together.

Basin Express is surrounded by all service facilities, cultural and security centers, hospitals, dozens of public and private schools, many universities, many natural parks, cafes, and malls with scenic views.

the details

property type

  • Property Type Commercial Building, Residence Apartments, Residential Apartments, Hotel Apartments

delivery date

  • delivery date 01/01/2022

Project code:

  • Property ID HG-048

Away from

City center

  • Far from the city center 18km

the airport

  • Far from the airport 15km

the beach

  • away from the sea 2km

Shopping center

  • Far from the mall 100m

the University

  • away from the university 600M

the hospital

  • away from the hospital 500m

Available apartments


Down payment 50% 24 months installment without interest


Down payment 50% 24 months installment without interest

Down payment 50% 24 months installment without interest


  • The state  Turkey
  • the state  Istanbul, European Istanbul
  • Region Basin Express
  • Zip Code / Zip

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