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European Istanbul, the meeting point of the past and the present


Constantinople of the past, the capital of the civilized world, the Pearl of Marmara, and the landing site for the hearts of those looking for life, investment and the launch towards new horizons, all of this applies to European Istanbul, which is considered the most vibrant and economically booming region in Turkey, and occupies a prominent place among the cities of the civilized world, and represents an icon for tourism and urbanization. Study, work and invest

If you are interested in getting to know the European Istanbul, come with us to learn about it in this article

European section of Istanbul geographically

European Istanbul occupies the western part of Istanbul, and is separated from its eastern “Asian” part by the Bosphorus Strait, which is the most important feature of this city naturally

The European Istanbul is distinguished by its two beaches on the Marmara in the south and the Black Sea in the north. It is connected to the European continent from the western side. It is a land corridor to Europe, and the link between Asia and Europe in general

The population of European Istanbul is about 10 million people, “two thirds of Istanbul’s population”

More than 800,000 foreigners reside in it with different types of residency, from resorting to work and study to tourism and treatment

The climate of European Istanbul is characterized by moderation in spring and autumn, and humid in summer. In winter, the main characteristic of the weather is cold, with intermittent snow and rain

The tourist importance of European Istanbul

Tourism in European Istanbul has many components that made it a global icon in tourism, and a favorite destination for millions of tourists annually. The European side of Istanbul has gained its tourism importance from

  • The history of the city, which has been followed by various civilizations since ancient times
  • Cultural and ethnic diversity in Istanbul
  • Provides elements for medical tourism, with a clear Turkish interest in the medical sector

Istanbul has the finest hospitals specialized in hair transplantation and difficult surgeries, and some European areas of Istanbul, such as Bahcesehir, are considered important destinations for those looking for convalescence

  • Provides elements for religious tourism, with the large number of mosques in the city, both historical and modern, and other features of the Ottoman Empire

Such as

Sultan Ahmed mosque

Al-Fateh Mosque

Mosque of the Companion Abi Ayyub Al-Ansari

Hagia Sophia Museum

Topkapi Palace

Princess Islands and palaces of the Ottoman sultans on the banks of the Bosphorus.

  • Provides landscapes, beaches and forests that appeal to tourists looking for entertainment and leisure

Such as: Ortakoy and Besiktas Beach, Vluya Beach, Belgrade Forest, Eyup Cable Car … etc.

  • The development of the transportation sector in European Istanbul, which makes moving between its neighborhoods very easy

The Metrobus is the longest and fastest transportation line in Istanbul

And the tramway that connects the tourist and archaeological areas to each other

And the modern metro network, whose lines are distributed in most of the Turkish states

  • The existence of the infrastructure that helps the development of the tourism sector, such as Istanbul’s new airport, which was designed on the basis of accommodating 90 million visitors annually in its early stages, and accommodating about 200 million tourists after the completion of its construction stages as planned in 2023

Also, the Istanbul Water Canal is expected to bring about a tourism, urban and economic revolution, not only in European Istanbul, but also in the whole of Turkey

  • The large number of cultural, economic, tourism and other international conferences in Istanbul, for which those interested in it from various countries of the world are invited
  • The pleasure of shopping in Istanbul’s popular markets may be one of the most important reasons that the hearts of visitors love.
  • Modern and modern malls equipped with entertainment services are also important destinations for tourists in European Istanbul

Such as:

Jawaher Mall

Mall of Istanbul

Forum Istanbul

Torium Mall

  • Recreational facilities, such as the water city in Istanbul, Istanbul Mall and others also encouraged the increase in the flow of tourists to European Istanbul and the recovery of the tourism sector in it

Investing in European Istanbul

European Istanbul is not only a place for rest, recreation and a tourist vacation, but it is a preferred home for those looking to start new investments or expand your investments outside Istanbul, increase your profits and achieve your ambitions

There are several areas for investment in Istanbul, the most important of which are:

  • Real Estate Investment
  • Investment in the tourism sector
  • Investing in education, especially the education of foreigners
  • Investment in import and export
  • Investing in service companies
  • Investing in private transportation and transportation companies
  • Investing in domestic trade, such as clothing, food, gold and accessories
  • Opening private economic projects such as a restaurant, cafe or beauty salon..etc

There are many opportunities that attract investors to European Istanbul, such as conferences for investors, the presence of a large and consumer market for goods and products, as well as the ease of legal procedures and the abundance of investment opportunities

Why do Arabs prefer European Istanbul over Asian Istanbul

There are several reasons why Arabs prefer to go to European Istanbul more than Asian, for several reasons, the most important of which are:

  • More job opportunities in Istanbul, Europe
  • More abundant services
  • The government’s interest in European Istanbul exceeds the interest in the Asian part of it
  • The development of means of transportation
  • A large number of vital facilities and infrastructure
  • Multiple tourist and historical places
  • Most of the cultural and lively events in Istanbul are concentrated in its European section
  • Ease of investment, especially for import and export, where more than 50% of Turkey’s exports are produced within Istanbul, Europe
  • The presence of a large number of Arab schools that facilitate the process of completing studies for children in their mother tongue
  • The abundance of Arab markets and malls where most of the Arabs’ daily needs are found
  • The large number of modern residential complexes with ideal services, supported by very important advantages, such as earthquake-resistant buildings, smart home systems and entertainment facilities in these residential complexes
  • The wide popularity of European Istanbul automatically makes people prefer to live there, invest and buy real estate

It was a quick talk about European Istanbul, in which we discussed the most important bright aspects of this city, the points that increase its attractiveness and enhance its importance, and the reasons that made it outperform the Asian part of the city, but rather the rest of the Turkish states, and even European and international cities and capitals.

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