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Al-Fateh area, witness to the fragrant past and the favorite of the Arabs

Al-Fateh area

Fatih is located on the European side From the city of Istanbul, and in the city center, and attracts tourists from all parts of the world, so wherever you wander in its streets and alleys, there is a fragrance of the past in it.

This is the area that was built before 8500 general, is still a witness to the greatest ancient empires that have passed through.

here Constantinople walls Great, there Sultan Mehmed Al-Fateh MosqueAnd in the alley of the last museums of antiquities and heritage.

It is also one of the conservative areas, close to eastern customs, and therefore it is considered one of the preferred areas for Arab communities for housing.

For this reason, the region has attracted local and foreign businessmen and investors to invest in it, either by opening their trade or commercial offices there, or by buying apartments and enjoying the returns of tourist or regular rent.


If you are interested in purchasing Apartments for sale in Istanbul, especially in Buying apartments in Al-Fateh areaYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will provide you with all information related to the area Fatih in Istanbul.


Information about the Fatih district in Istanbul

The area is considered one of the most Istanbul districts Preserving the fragrance of history, through its traces that bear witness to the ancient Ottoman civilization, as it is one of the oldest areas in the city, with a history of 8500 years.

Even its name, it was called the conqueror Fatih Ratio Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, who managed to open Istanbul city (Constantinople) general 1453Then he ordered the restoration of its walls, and the construction of Al-Fateh Mosque.

It is an urban area devoid of rural areas, with an area of 15.62 square kilometers, and a population of more than 550 thousand people. It is one of the areas with a high population density, due to the presence of the Arab community in it.

uhlm scaled

The area consists of 57 neighborhoods, and the most famous of them are:

  •  Aksray Mahallesi
  •  Balat Mahallesi . neighborhood
  •  Hırka-i şerif Mahallesi
  •  Sultan Ahmed Mahallesi
  •  Beyazıt Mahallesi . Neighborhood
  •  Topkapı Mahallesi
  •  Yavuz Sultan Selim Mahallesi
  •  Yavuz Sinan Mahallesi
  •  Fındık Zadı . Hotel
  •  Vatan Caddesi Street

 Where is the Fatih district located in Istanbul?

The area is located within Constantinople walls, close to the most prominent tourist and historical places and central markets, in European side of Istanbul.


Map of Fatih Istanbul district

The region is geographically and strategically located, as it borders the region from the north The Golden AgeOn the south, the Sea of Marmara, on the west it is surrounded by the walls of Constantinople that have stood up to the present time, on the east the Bosphorus Strait, and on the southwest it is bordered by the Zeytinburnu region, and from the northwest by the Eyup Sultan region.

For those who ask about How to get to the Fatih district of Istanbul, the matter is easy, as it is linked to a transportation network that facilitates access in record time, as transportation varies from subway, tramway, and public transport buses, in addition to the presence of sea ferries in Eminonu area It is administratively affiliated to Al-Fateh District.


 The most beautiful tourist areas in the region Fatih

There are many historical places in the region, which bear witness to the civilizations that followed on Istanbul city, which are visited by thousands of tourists to get acquainted with its greatness, including:

  • Grand Bazaar, or what is called covered marketIt is located in the Beyazid area, and it is a huge commercial market extending over an area of 40,000 square meters, built during the reign of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.
  • Egyptian market, or the so-called Egyptian Bazaar, in reference to the merchants who were bringing their goods from Egypt, especially spices.
  • Al-Kharqa Al-Sharifah Mosque, which got its name due to the presence of the cloak of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.
  • Sultan Ahmed The first destination for foreign tourists, with its immortal relics of the three empires that followed in the region, especially the Blue Mosque.
  • Hagia Sophia Mosque Which historians considered the eighth wonder of the world, given that it is an artistic and architectural edifice studded with mosaics and wonderful drawings.
  • Eminonu area Which is considered one of the most wonderful tourist places in Istanbul, including its historical landmarks
  • Topkapi Palace Which is one of the largest historical palaces in the country, and became a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

General2 2 scaled

 Services in Al-Fateh / Education_Health_Entertainment

I care Al Fateh Municipality Providing all educational, recreational and medical services in the region, in line with its ancient and historical importance.

As well as its various markets, between luxury malls, andPopular Bazaar The most famous in the region, and one of the most famous Wednesday bazaar Which opens every Wednesday next to Al-Fateh Mosque, and displays fresh fruits, vegetables and fish, in addition to clothes and some gifts, at reasonable prices.

also there is Malta market Adjacent to Al-Fateh Mosque, it is one of the popular markets favorite for local residents.


Entertainment services in Fatih

The area is famous for having many places for entertainment, including:

  • Historia Mall Distinguished by its modern design, the presence of many international and local brands, and a series of luxury restaurants and cafes
  •  Yavuz Selim Park

scaled . hystoria

Educational services in Al-Fateh

It is considered one of the areas rich in educational institutions. According to the statistics of 2020, there are 45 public schools for primary education, and the same for the intermediate stage, while there are 76 public schools for the secondary stage, in addition to the presence of a number of private international schools, especially in the kindergarten stage.

However, what most distinguishes education in the region is the abundance of universities ranked among the best universities in the world. They follow an academic curriculum based on modern technology, including:

  • Istanbul University It has a long history with its various departments such as medicine, dentistry, law, literature and science, pharmacy, communications and other fields.
  •  Biruni University
  •  Kadir Has University
  •  Marmara University
  •  Eminonu University

education scaled

Health services in Al-Fateh

The area contains a large number of public and private hospitals with all medical specialties, equipped with the latest medical devices, and the best medical staff, as well as many health centers, including:

  • Hasaka Hospital For medical research and studies
  •  Chaba Governmental Hospital
  •  Bezem World Endowment Hospital

scaled hospital

The region is also rich in Arab medical centers, where Arab doctors are treated, including:

  •  Al Noor Association
  •  Sham Scholars Association


 Real estate prices in Fatih

There is a great demand for Buying an apartment in Fatih, especially in Residential complexesand urban projects based on European style, which meet the standards set by the Turkish government, as Accommodation in Al-Fateh area Desirable by Arab communities, especially in Fatih Street, Istanbul.

Real estate prices in the region vary based on several factors, including:

  •  Proximity of the property to public transport lines tramway_ metro_ sea ferries)
  • The property is close to the tourist and historical places and the walls of Constantinople.
  • The property is close to the beach Sea of Marmara
  •  The quality of social and recreational services provided in the housing project.
  • View of the residential project.
  • After or near the residential complex for shopping centers, and social services.
  • The quality of the residential complex's cladding, and the interior finishes of the property.
  • The method of paying the price of the property, the period of installments and their value.
  • Different Istanbul Fatih apartments prices Under construction, all apartments are ready for delivery.
  • Apartment area, number of rooms and bathrooms.

Based on the aforementioned factors, the price of per square meter In residential complexes, it starts at 7200 TL and above.

real estate scaled

 Advantages of investing in Al-Fateh area Fatih

Investing in the Fatih region is considered one of the most successful types of investment Real estate in Turkey.

This region is witnessing great prosperity, advanced organization, in addition to its distinguished location in the center of Istanbul, and the availability of all kinds of transportation in it, all of these things made it the preferred area for housing for the Arab community.

Thanks to its central location, it is diverse investment opportunitiesTherefore, investing in Al-Fateh is considered a profitable investment Advantages of buying an apartment in Al-Fateh area It will return the investor to achieve huge profits.


 How far is Fatih district from Asian Istanbul?

away Al-Fateh area Asian Istanbul A distance of 26 km, which is equivalent to approximately 30 minutes by car.


 How far is Fatih from Taksim?

away Al-Fateh area from Taksim A distance of 8.1 km, which is equivalent to approximately 22 minutes using the car.


 How far is Fatih from Istanbul's new airport?

away Al-Fateh area about the new Istanbul airport A distance of 44.6 km, which is equivalent to approximately 42 minutes.


 What is the postal code in Fatih Istanbul?

zip code for area Fatih Istanbul is 34093


Important information:

Projects in Al-Fateh area:


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