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Information about Istiklal Street in Istanbul

Istiklal Street in Istanbul


It is considered Istiklal Street in Istanbul The first compass for tourists around the world, as it is one of the city's most famous streets due to the presence of foreign consulates and embassies.

It is not a modern street, it was built since the Byzantine era, and contains many ancient churches and monuments that are still immortal until our time.

And more than distinguish Istiklal Street It is the passage of the tram, which is considered one of the oldest trams in Istanbul.

While the visitor wanders in this wonderful street, watching its luxurious shops, charming restaurants and luxury hotels, he encounters musicians and roving bands, to add to the Istiklal Street More splendor and splendor.

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 Information about Istiklal Street in Istanbul

It is considered Istiklal Street in Istanbul One of the city's most famous streets, it is one of the main venues for national festivals and events.

Located Istiklal Street in Beyoglu District It is visited annually by approximately 3 million foreign tourists, and its length is 1.4 km, and contains many ancient buildings in addition to the presence of embassies and consulates.

extends Istiklal Street in Istanbul From Taksim Square The famous one, goes to the Karakoy region, and the tram, which is considered one of the oldest trams in the world, passes through it Istanbul city.

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 Istiklal Street old

It was Istiklal Street Formerly called the Grand Rue de Pera, it was a lively street day and night, filled with artistic activities, roving musicians, and fine and upscale restaurants.

During the period of the Ottoman Caliphate, the street was called the Great Street, and it became a well-known and prestigious place for Ottoman, European and French intellectuals.

But the name of the street changed with the declaration of the Turkish Republic, as its name changed to Istiklal Street To commemorate the victory in the Turkish War of Independence in 1923, many art galleries, libraries and shops were opened.



 Tourist and cultural attractions on Istiklal Street in Istanbul

The street contains many historical monuments dating back to the Byzantine and Greek eras, in addition to the presence of antiquities dating back to the era of the Ottoman Caliphate, intended for tourists to enjoy the architectural art of the three civilizations that succeeded the country. Istiklal StreetAmong those monuments are:

  • domed churchHoly Trinity Church, Follow Favorite
  • Hussein Agha Mosque
  • The famous wax museum “Madame Tussauds”, which includes wax statues of various famous people in Turkey and the world
  • flower path (Cicek Basaji), which dates back to 1870 AD, is a corridor that smells of fragrant flowers and smells of food, where there are many restaurants and flower shops with aromatic smell.
  • Nevizad Street, which contains fish restaurants and fine Turkish dishes.
  • The fish market, which contains many shops selling fresh fish, in addition to many restaurants specialized in cooking fresh seafood.
  • Galatasaray historical bathIt was built in 1481 AD during the reign of Sultan Beyazid II
  • French street built in the French style, characterized by its narrow alleys, sidewalks and listed buildings
  • Pandora's Library, which includes many rare books, as well as maps and travel books, in both Turkish and English

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 Istiklal Street Restaurants in Istanbul

resides in Istiklal Street Lots of local and international restaurants, and a chain of international fast food restaurants, the most famous of which are:

  • City Restaurant Which is headed by the Turkish Chef Burak, and therefore enjoys great international popularity, and is also distinguished by presenting Arab and Turkish cuisine in an attractive and attractive way.
  • 360 Istanbul Restaurant, which serves you all international and European dishes, and is distinguished by its presence in an ancient building dating back to the nineteenth century.
  • Sultanahmet Kaftisi Selim Usta Restaurant, which specializes in Turkish food
  • Bazlama Kahvalti Restaurant specializes in preparing breakfast meals, and features a charming view of the Bosphorus
  • Taksim Sutis Restaurant is famous for serving Turkish and oriental dishes as well, in addition to preparing fresh juices.
  • Cafe Restaurant
  • Meehan Restaurant


 Istiklal Street hotels in Istanbul

There are many luxury hotels in this street, as it is one of the best areas for tourists, and they wish to stay and stay there, due to its proximity to their country's embassies and consulates, and the most famous of these hotels are:

  • Occidental The Public Hotel
  • The Marmara Taksim Hotel
  • Away Hotel
  • Villa Pera Suites Hotel


 Where is Istiklal Street located in Istanbul?

Located Istiklal Street in Beyoglu DistrictIt starts from Taksim Square and goes to Karakoy.


 Why is the street named after Istiklal Street?

It was called by this name with the declaration of the founding of the Turkish Republic in 1923 to commemorate the victory in the War of Independence


 How to get to Istiklal Street?

. can be reached Istiklal Street in Istanbul Easily, either by public transport buses, the M2 subway that departs from Yenikapı station, or by taxi.


 How far is Istiklal Street from Al-Fateh area?

away Istiklal Street about Al-Fateh area A distance of 8.8 km, which is approximately 29 minutes using the car.


 How far is Istiklal Street from the new Istanbul Airport?

away Istiklal Street from Istanbul New Airport A distance of 40.7 km, which is approximately 47 minutes by car.


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