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Commercial complexes in Turkey

Commercial complexes in Turkey


Turkey is one of the countries that attract tourists to shop in it, because of the diversity of shopping patterns in it between popular markets and luxury malls that contain the most important international trade brands.

Therefore, the opportunity to invest in Commercial complexes in Turkey Purchasing a commercial store, or a commercial office in it, attracts capital, businessmen and foreign investors, as it is considered a golden opportunity to invest and achieve high and high returns from profits.

Especially that the sales there exceed the profits of sales in any other place, and the investor can rent it and benefit from the profits.

  • Information about shopping malls in Turkey
  • Advantages of investing in commercial complexes in Turkey
  •  Types of commercial complexes in Turkey
  • What are the revenues of commercial complexes in Turkey

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 Information about shopping malls in Turkey

The term “commercial complex” refers to a group of shops and commercial offices located within the shopping center (commercial mall), and there are guards at the entrance to the mall to ensure that visitors are not in possession of any weapons.

The Turkish states attract tourists because of their prominent tourist attractions, and the timeless historical monuments in them.

as well as for shopping in Commercial complexes in Turkey A large share of tourists visit, as they go to buy modern Turkish clothes, luxury shoes, and other Turkish products.

Therefore, construction companies are interested in establishing luxury commercial complexes, with a unique architecture to compete with European countries, and attract more tourists to them, and for this reason huge financial budgets are allocated to them, and strategic and vital sites are chosen to create Commercial complexes in TurkeyIt is always close to public transportation and transportation for easy access.

Commercial complexes in Turkey

 Advantages of investing in commercial complexes in Turkey

There are many benefits and advantages that will accrue to the foreign investor when investing in Commercial complexes in Turkey, and among those benefits

  • The shopping centers and commercial complexes are visited by thousands of tourists, as the visit of these malls is one of the basic things included in the tourism program for visitors, and thus an increase in profits for investors.
  • testify Commercial complexes in Turkey On weekends, and in the winter, a heavy crowd of locals spend their time shopping, dining halls that contain a variety of Turkish and international restaurants, in addition to spending time for entertainment in the games hall and cinema.
  • A sense of security, as the commercial complexes are equipped with surveillance cameras that operate around the clock, as well as alarm devices to protect against the risk of theft, in addition to alarm devices against the danger of fire or gas leakage.

This makes the foreign investor feel safe when he closes his shop and returns to his home.

And also enjoy Commercial complexes in Turkey The presence of guards at the entrance to the mall, and their responsibility to ensure the identity of the visiting persons, and that they do not possess any weapons or sharp tools.

  • Each commercial complex has a central administration that supervises the complex, and undertakes repair, maintenance, and cleaning of the complex, and to ensure its protection on a permanent basis in return for simple monthly returns.
  • all Commercial complexes in Turkey It was built near transportation links, and one of the prominent tourist attractions in the city, which gives the investor an increase in profits.


 Types of commercial complexes in Turkey

There are many ways to invest in real estate Commercial complexes in TurkeyWhere foreign investors and businessmen can choose between the following:

  • A commercial store is located within the shopping center, and different spaces are available.
  • An office apartment located within the shopping center, and there are office apartments of various styles, and of various sizes to suit all tastes and meet all needs.
  • Restaurant located in the shopping center
  • Café is located in the shopping center.

It is the most famous Commercial complexes in Istanbul

  • Esfanmbool Mall Team Park or Vialand, which is located in Sultan Eyup area In the European section of the city of Istanbul, and contains Vialand Amusement ParkIt contains European themed outdoor games.

Vialand amusement park is the most famous in the city. It is one of the largest entertainment projects in Turkey, and it attracts thousands of tourists annually.

  • Forum Istanbul Mall, which is located in Bayrampaşa region In the European section of Istanbul, and extending over an area of 495,000 square meters, 8,000 square meters have been allocated to a huge aquarium, in addition to a hall for ski lovers to practice their favorite hobbies under the supervision of specialized trainers.
  • Mall of Istanbul, which is located in Basaksehir area In the European section of Istanbul, it is considered The largest mall in TurkeyIt was ranked in the list of the best shopping center in the world, as it contains 350 international brands, in addition to many restaurants and entertainment games.

Many Turkish and international exhibitions of theatrical works, arts and culture are held annually in Mall of Istanbul.

  • Marmara Park Mall, which is located on the E5 motorway, specifically in Beylikduzu area In the European section of Istanbul, this is what gave it a distinct investment character.
  • Venice Mall, which is located in Gazi Osman Pasha District In the European section of Istanbul, which was designed with a unique architecture that mimics the city of Venice in Italy, with waterways, and luxury shops on both ends.
  • Emaar Square Mall Which is located in the Asian section of Istanbul, and the number of visitors is estimated at about 25 million visitors annually
  • Acacia Ajbadem Mall Spreading over an area of 80,000 square meters, it contains 15 cinema halls.

Commercial complexes in Turkey

 What are the revenues of commercial complexes in Turkey

The central administration Commercial complexes in Turkey It supervises the commercial complex, and provides its services in return for specific monthly returns, and those services are

  • Central heating and air conditioning service
  • Daily complex cleaning service
  • Security and guarding service
  • Maintenance service for any malfunction in the mall.

The Turkish Parliament has organized a law on the method of distributing the expenses of managing the complex to investors, called the Floor Ownership Law.

As the law stipulates that the expenses of managing the complex are distributed among the investors in the mall based on the following:

  • The investor's share of the commercial complex's land ownership
  • The space of the investor's shop or office apartment

Based on these factors, the monthly return is calculated for all shops and office apartments.

The investor must pay the monthly fees on time, and in case of delay, the investor will have to pay a fine of 5%, and in the event of refusal to pay, the mall management has the right to file a lawsuit.


Does a foreign investor have the right to rent his place in commercial complexes in Turkey?

Yes, he can rent his shop, or his office, and the rental returns will increase annually by 15% according to the Turkish rental law.


Are the prices of shops expensive within the malls in Turkey?

Prices vary according to the area, the view, and the proximity to historical places and attractions of the city where the shops are located.

It also varies according to its presence within a commercial center, or within residential buildings.



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