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Residence in Turkey for Iraqis 2022

Residence in Turkey for Iraqis



Turkey and Iraq have many commercial and cultural ties, so Residency in Turkey is for Iraqis It is the first and best option for those looking for stability and improving their living conditions, even for education, due to the large number of Turkish universities that teach curricula using the best means and technology, and therefore it is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

as that Residence in Turkey for Iraqis Allowed and available and does not have many complications, they only have to obtain a visa (Visa) at the Turkish consulate, submit the required papers, specifying the type of residence they want, and their application will be processed in a short time.

  • Ways to obtain residency in Turkey for Iraqis
  • Residency in Turkey for Iraqis through real estate residency
  • Residence in Turkey for Iraqis through Turkish citizenship
  • Residence in Turkey for Iraqis through work permit

If you are an Iraqi national who is interested in settling and living in Turkey, and would like to know all the details related to About residence in Turkey for IraqisYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company We will provide you with all the detailed information about it.



Ways to obtain residency in Turkey for Iraqis

There are several ways to get Residence in Turkey for Iraqis, Which:

  1.  By purchasing a property that entitles its owner to obtain Real estate residence in Turkey.
  2. By obtaining student residence in Turkey.
  3. By purchasing a property that entitles its owner to obtain Turkish citizenship in Turkey.
  4. By obtaining a work permit in Turkey (work residence permit).


 Residency in Turkey for Iraqis through real estate residency

Real estate residency is one of the best types of residency in Turkey, as it is automatically renewed unless the property is sold, and Iraqis are among the most Arab nationalities buying real estate in Turkey, and to obtain Real estate residence in Turkey You must buy a property worth $75,000 in major cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, and buy a property worth $60,000 in smaller cities, then prepare the following papers:

  • Book an appointment through the website of the Immigration Department in Turkey.
  • Pay property taxes and bring stamped notices.
  • extract Turkish tax number.
  • Bring a health insurance covering the length of stay.
  • Bring four recent personal photos.
  • Extracting a continuity paper from the real estate title deed in Turkey.

and enjoy Real estate residence for Iraqis in Turkey Lots of features, namely:

  1. Ease of leaving Turkey and returning to it without the need to obtain a new visa.
  2. Ease of opening a bank account in any of the Turkish banks.
  3. Ease of buying a property.
  4. Ease of renting a property.
  5. Ease of renewing the real estate residence for Iraqis as long as the property is not sold.
  6. The possibility of opening water, electricity, gas and internet meters for the Iraqi holder of real estate residency.
  7. Iraqi children who obtain real estate residency are entitled to free education in Turkish public schools.
  8. The holder has the right to buy a car, or invest in Turkey as he wants.


 Residence in Turkey for Iraqis through Turkish citizenship

Iraqis can obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property or several properties in Turkey worth 400 thousand US dollars, and then apply for Turkish citizenship with his wife and children under the age of eighteen if he is married, and he must submit the following documents:

  1.  A copy of the title deed (Tabu) and certified by the Turkish Notar
  2. A valid real estate evaluation report, and the validity period is only three months from the date of its issuance
  3. Original bank notification receipts issued from the property buyer's account, and must be stamped with the seal of the sending bank.
  4. Original Receipt Notes receipts from the seller's bank account, and must be stamped with the seal of the receiving bank.
  5. Attach 2 copies of the power of attorney for the application for Turkish citizenship
  6. Translating the passport of the investor, his wife and children under the age of 18 into Turkish, and attesting them from the Notary (Turkish notary).

One of the advantages of getting Turkish Nationality For the Iraqis:

  • Its holder enjoys full citizenship rights, like any original Turkish citizen, who can open water, electricity and gas meters, and receive free treatment in medical centers and government hospitals.
  • The Iraqi bearer has the right to enroll his children in Turkish schools and public universities free of charge.
  • Its owners are allowed to exercise their right to elections, as well as the right to run for parliament, municipalities, and others.
  • There are great job opportunities for nationals in the public and private sectors, without the need to apply for a work permit.
  • Iraqis holding Turkish citizenship can benefit from the Turkish retirement law when they reach the age of 60, and they receive a pension, free treatment, and a free bus card as well.
  • Iraqis who have obtained Turkish citizenship are entitled to apply directly for a Turkish passport.


 Residence in Turkey for Iraqis through work permit

Iraqis can work in Turkey and obtain a work permit, but provided that the applicant for the permit is above the legal age (18 years), as well as work within one entity, and that the visa he brought to Turkey is a work visa.

With the completion of all conditions, the Iraqi can obtain approval from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to obtain a work permit in Turkish territory.

To apply for a work residence in Turkey, the following documents must be prepared:

  • Submission of attested certificates translated into Turkish with attestation by the Notar Department (Turkish Notary Public)
  • Attach an application sheet for a work permit and forward it to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
  • Passport translation and attestation from Notre Department.
  • Attach four recent personal photos.
  • Attach an employment contract signed by the employer and employee.

It features Residence in Turkey for Iraqis By establishing a work, it is an opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship after five years have passed from the date of issuance of the work permit, and the holder is entitled to receive a pension salary after reaching the age of sixty years.


 What are the costs of residence fees in Turkey for Iraqis?

Residency fees for Iraqis amount to 90 Turkish liras, equivalent to approximately $6, in addition to other costs, which are translation and legalization of official documents.


 What is the period for receiving real estate residency in Turkey for Iraqis?

After submitting all the papers, the period of receiving the real estate residence permit ranges from one week to a maximum of one month.


 Can Iraqis renew their residency after its expiry date?

No, according to Turkish law, if the residence permit is not renewed, the person becomes a contravener and must be deported outside Turkish territory, and re-entered under a new visa.


 What is the permanent residence for Iraqis in Turkey?

It is a residence granted to the owners of the tourist residence or humanitarian residence, provided that at least eight years of residence in Turkey have elapsed without leaving it, and that the criminal record is free of felonies, as well as stipulating that the applicant does not receive humanitarian aid, especially in the last three years.



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