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Esenyurt tops the list of the most popular areas for housing in 2021

area Esenyurt Months ago Istanbul districts Europe, where life varies between rich neighborhoods, and popular neighborhoods, to suit all social classes.

It contains a huge network of transportation, and distinguished services, especially for the Arab communities. Therefore, according to the Turkish Statistics Authority, the region has topped the list. more Istanbul districts Real estate sales in 2021

Especially real estate located in Istanbul Esenyurt Meydan, Or near malls such as a mall Marmara Park and Torium Mall.

Get to know the Esenyurt district in Istanbul

- Esenyurt in Turkish

Esenyurt Square

Esenyurt . Neighborhoods

Live in Esenyurt

- Esenyurt transportation

- Esenyurt Malls

Apartments for sale in Esenyurt Istanbul

Villas for sale in Esenyurt Istanbul

Esenyurt Turkey Markets

- Map of Esenyurt Istanbul

If you are one of the people interested in buying apartments For sale in Istanbul, especially the area Esenyurt On the European side of Istanbul cityYou have arrived at your destination, we are at Hakeem Real Estate Company In our article today, we will provide you with detailed information about the region.


Get to know the Esenyurt area in Istanbul

was established Esenyurt Belediyesi In 2008, after it separated from Buyukcekmece municipality, theThe area is located In a great location, 45 . away kilometers about an airport New Istanbul, and about Sea of Marmara 3 . distance kilometres.

And theThe two highways  TEM, E5 borders it on the north and south sides, which makes it suitable for investment.

Therefore, the municipality has taken care of its services at the medical, educational and recreational levels


the health in Esenyurt

The area includes a large number of public and private hospitals, equipped with the latest equipment and the best medical staff, including:

* State Hospital 

* European Center

* Esengan Hospital


education in Esenyurt

There are a large number of public schools for all levels in the region. According to the statistics, in 2020, the number of Turkish government schools reached 93, and the number of private schools was 52.

In addition to having a university classified as one of the most important universities in Istanbul.


Entertainment in Esenyurt

There are more than 60 children's gardens, including ten huge gardens with large areas, rare trees, and fragrant flowers, including:

* Martyrs' Garden

* Recep Tayyip Erdogan's garden Which is known for its water bodies and picturesque waterfalls.

In addition to the presence of many social centers to teach swimming and various sports, some cinemas, andShopping center enormous.

* Chocolate Museum

Esenyurt scaled

Esenyurt in Turkish

Since the early nineteenth century, the region has been It is a large farm for a lady of the noble classes in the city of Istanbul.

In 1938, many Roman and Bulgarian immigrants flocked to it, and settled in the northern part of it.

With the beginning of 1967, a name for the area was adopted, and it was called  EsenyurtIt is a compound name that means happy home.


Field Esenyurt

It is considered Esenyurt Square, Istanbul One of the most famous landmarks in the areaIt is meant for Arabs and foreigners from all over the world, where Arab restaurants converge with Turkish, and that is why he took him ThemunicipalityGreat attention in terms of the permanent security presence in it to control security and safety. 

It stands out in the middle Meydan Esenyurt Mosque, also found in Thesquare square Public transport bus stop.

The most important official parties and major festivals are held annually in it, in addition to the Rahman's tables to break the fast during the blessed month of Ramadan.

6 1 scaled

alive Esenyurt

area of TheMpronounce  2770 square kilometers, and contains 44 neighborhoods, and they are:

1- Akçaburgaz, written in Turkish Akçaburgaz Mahallesi

2- Akevler district, writes Akevler Mahallesi

3- Akşemseddin Mahallesi . neighborhood

4- Ardiçli Mahallesi

5- Faisal Al-Asheq neighborhood Ashik Faisal neighborhood

6- Atatürk Mahallesi

7- Bağlarçeşme Mahallesi . Neighborhood

8- Balıkyolu Mahallesi

9- Barbaros Hayrettin paşa

10- Batalghazi district, Batalghazi Mahlesi

11- Cumhuriyet Mahallesi

12- İncirtepe Mahallesi

13- Essenkent neighborhood

14- Fatih Mahallesi . neighborhood

15- Gökevler Mahallesi

16- Guzelyurt Mahallesi

17- Hurriyet Hurriyet Mahallesi District

18- İncirtepe Mahallesi

19- İnönü Mahallesi . Neighborhood

20- Istiklal Mahallesi

21- Koza Mahallesi

22- Mehmet Akif Ersoy neighborhood

23- Mehterçeşme Mahallesi

24- Mevlana Mahallesi . District

25- Namik kemal Mahallesi

26- Najib Fadel Keshakorek Neighborhood Najib Fadel Keshakorek Neighborhood

27- Orhan Gazi Mahallesi

28- Osman Gazi Mahallesi . neighborhood

29- Ornik neighborhood is a living example

30- Pinar Mahallesi

31- Piri Reis Mahallesi

32- Saadetdere Mahallesi

33- Selahaddin Eyyubi Mah

34- Sultaniye Mahallesi

35- Süleymaniye Mahallesi

36- Şehitler's Martyrs' Quarter

37- Talatpaşa Mahallesi

38- Turgut Özal Mahallesi

39- Üçevler . Neighborhood

40- Yenikent Mahallesi

41- Islikent Mahallesi

42- Yunus Emre Mahallesi

43- Nasr Mahallesi . neighborhood

44- Kapadik Mahallesi


live in Esenyurt 

feature live in the area Diversity, and the presence of a large number of Arab communities in it, and this led to the blending of cultures, especially around
Esenyurt Meydan, or about Erdogan's garden.

The municipality has followed in Last few years A plan to renovate the residential buildings in it, and to establish many real estate projects with specifications conforming to international standards.

Since it is a bit far from the city center, it was Prices of apartments in Esenyurt Cheap compared to the specifications of apartments in the area with other areas.

And there is a demand to buy Apartments for sale in Esenyurt, from all local and foreign investors.


transportation Esenyurt

Available in Region A huge network of diverse transportation, and the metrobus is the fastest way to reach it.

There are also a large number of public transport buses, which connect Region in the rest of Istanbul.

Work is also underway to open a new metro line Mahmoud Bey, which will shorten the distances to reach Istanbul city center in record time, and will contribute to raising Apartment prices in the region.


bazaars Esenyurt

bazaar  It is a popular market in a certain place, and on a certain day of the week, characterized by its oriental character, cheap prices, and diversity, and among the most famous bazaars:

* Tuesday Bazaar 

* Syrians Bazaar in 

* Saturday Bazaar in 


moles Esenyurt

There are many malls in the area, or very close to it, and among them, Marmara Park Mall and finance Torium, Akbati Mall, City Center Outlet Mall, Ashq Home Furniture Mall, family mall 

5 scaled

Apartments for sale In Esenyurt Istanbul

The options investment Real estate in Turkey Diverse, especially in Esenyurt, there are apartment complexes, and regular apartments in popular neighborhoods.

Available Apartments for sale in Esenyurt Istanbul Prices to suit all budgets, with spaces starting from 45 square meters, and multiple styles according to the allocated budget.

The price per square meter starts from 2,100 Turkish liras and above.


Villas for sale in Esenyurt Istanbul

Several options are available Villas for sale in Esenyurt IstanbulThe area starts from 200 square meters up to a thousand square meters, with multiple styles.

It is characterized by its integrated and independent services for more privacy for the residents of the villa.


Markets Esenyurt Turkey

As a result of its large area and high population density, there are a large number of markets in the region, but the most famous of them is Used market in EsenyurtWhere used home furniture is sold at the cheapest prices.

It is possible to furnish the house with all furniture and electrical appliances, with an acceptable amount of money.


a map Esenyurt Istanbul

Located in European side From Istanbul city, between Lake Kucuk chukkameh, And theBuyukcekmece Lake, which is bounded on the north by the region BasaksehirBahcesehir region, and from the south, the region of BeylikduzuFrom the east, Avcilar, and from the south, Buyukcekmece


* where is it region Esenyurt in Istanbul?

Located On the European side of the city IstanbulIt overlooks Kucukcekmece Lake, and is bordered on the south by Beylikduzu, on the east by Avcilar, on the north by Basaksehir, and on the south by Buyukcekmece.


* how far About Asian Istanbul?

far of Asian Istanbul A distance of 37 kilometers, which is equivalent to 1 hour and 11 minutes using the car.


* Esenyurt Istanbul How far is it from Taksim?

Far from Taksim A distance of 41.3 km, which is equivalent to 1 hour and 18 minutes using the car.


* What is the difference between the complexes And the popular apartment buildings in Esenyurt?

considered as Residential complexes It is safer for families, and all entertainment services are available, but it has a higher price than Popular residential buildingsWhether for rent or purchase 

* how many population Esenyurt?

According to the latest statistics issued by the Public Souls Department, Population of the area For the year 2020, it reached 954 thousand and 579 people.


* how far About Fatih?

Far from Fatih A distance of 28.9 km, which is equivalent to 57 minutes using the car.



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